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Welcome to ERS, we were established back in 2003 with the intention of providing a wide range of local property services to an international audience.

Since 2003 ERS has been a leading service provider in the Czech Republic with services that include management, rentals, re-sales, new investments, portfolio assessment services, accountancy, wealth management, legal services, insurance, and mortgage brokerage services.

ERS has always led the way with the latest technical services including on line accounts and using sms gateway technologies to ensure we supply the best service we can to our loyal client base.

We currently have a portfolio responsibility of over 1.5 Billion czk worth of Czech residential real estate. That’s a responsibility we take seriously and we are always looking to improve our services and provide the best possible service to our client base. Since 2003 we have pioneered this service in this local marketplace and as with all pioneers we have been the first to encounter problems and have had to design solutions to those problems along the way. As a team we try our very best to ensure we take the maximum learning potential when a problem arises and use that experience to make our services stronger as we move forward. We really believe that today one of the most unique elements we have to offer our clients is our experience gained over the last decade, since 2003.

ERS doesn’t want to be the biggest, we just want to be the best at what we do so that our clients directly benefit. Our aim is for a happy and contented client base, who ultimately maximize their profits from the property investments that we manage for them. We are building our team and our focus around this sole objective and our hope is that our clients will directly benefit from our approach.

Please contact us today with any query you may have with regard to Czech residential property matters on or +420 224 827 500 or +420 603 201676

European Reality Services

"It can be difficult arriving in another country with a different language and your staff have given me lots of advise and many helpful tips."


"I have found my dealings with European Reality Services to be professional prompt and with focus on Customer Service aspects. I will use their services again and have no hesitations in recommending this company."

Sinclair Crawley